Custom Warm Brain Balaclava

Custom Warm Brain Balaclava

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Each piece is made by hand just for you. This is your chance to share your vision with me, so that I can create something totally unique and special to you and your aesthetic!

Please consider before purchase that this is a collaborative piece of work with you the customer and may take up to 3 weeks to make and ship. Please also bear in mind that any irregular surface texture or colour variation, instead of imperfections or defects, are the result of the artisanal process and manual production by Katherinescarlett.

Important: please leave your instagram handle or preferred contact details in the notes section at checkout with regards to colour preference/style and or inspo 

One size.

Expect up to 3 weeks before shipping.

Mohair, Alpaca, Acrylic, Angora wool blend. Featuring an organic design lead by colour and exploration. Fur trim is 100% acrylic polymer based. This product does not contain real-fur. 

Trademark Katherinescarlett Sad Brain sticker pack included in each order, with additional biodegradable packaging